Lady L's Backgrounds

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W elcome to my humble backgrounds page!
I have many backgrounds just for webpage building!
All of my pages and graphics are WEBTV friendly.

Click on the background name to view the background.

~*Scooby Backgrounds*~

scoobback scoobback2 scoobback3 scoobback4 scoobback5 scoobback6 scoobback7 scoobback.jpg
scoobback2.jpg scoobback3.jpg scoobback4.jpg scoobback5.jpg scoobback6.jpg

~*Angel Backgrounds*~
All angel backgrounds came from the following link.
Annes Place

angelback.jpg angelback2.jpg angelback3.jpg angelback4.jpg angelback5.jpg angelback6.jpg angelback7.jpg

~*Misc. Backgrounds*~

bg.jpg bg3.gif bg4.gif bg6.gif bg7.jpg bg8.jpg bg11.gif bg12.gif bg13.gif teddyback.jpg
bg.gif bg01.gif bg02.gif bg03.gif bg04.gif bg05.gif bg06.gif bg07.gif bg08.gif bg09.gif bg010.gif
bg011.gif bg012.gif bg013.jpg bg014.gif bg015.gif bg016.gif bg017.jpg bg018.gif bg019.gif bg020.gif bg021.gif
bg022.gif bg023.gif bg024.gif bg025.gif bg026.gif bg027.gif bg028.gif bg029.gif bg030.jpg bg031.gif bg032.gif
bg033.gif bg034.gif bg035.gif bg036.gif bg037.gif bg038.gif bg039.gif bg040.gif bg041.gif bg042.gif bluegree.jpg
blueice.gif bluesky.gif bluestar.gif

bluflowr.gif brick1.gif brick2.gif brick3.gif brick4.gif bumps1.jpg bumps2.jpg cbrd.gif cdrom.gif chalk.jpg
cinnamon.gif clams.gif clouds.gif coolstuf.jpg crnstn1.gif crnstn2.gif dark.gif eggplant.gif firey.gif fleshy.gif
floral.gif fractal1.jpg fractal2.jpg granite1.gif granite2.gif granite3.jpg grey1.gif grey2.gif grey3.gif grey4.gif
grey5.jpg grn1.gif grn2.gif grn3.gif grn4.jpg hump.gif lavender.gif leather.gif linen1.jpg linen2.jpg
marble1.gif marble2.gif marble3.gif marble5.jpg marble6.jpg other1.gif other2.gif other3.gif other4.gif other5.gif
paper.gif parquet.gif pine.jpg pink1.gif pink2.gif pink3.gif pink4.gif psyche.jpg purple1.gif purple2.gif
ripple1.gif ripple2.gif rock02.gif rock03.gif rock04.gif rock05.gif rock06.gif rock07.gif rock08.gif rock09.gif
rock10.gif rock11.jpg satin1.jpg satin2.jpg sky.gif slate.jpg spatter1.gif stucco1.gif stucco2.gif swirl.gif

~Valentine's Day~

Feelings Flameheart1 Flameheart2 Grow Hearts HpyVDay
HVDay Love SitonHrt Spin Sweetheart Sweetie
Together Val-Heart1 Valentine Girl


Easter Easter2 Easter3 Easter4 Easter5 Easter6 Easter7 Easter8 Easter9

Easter Greetings Happy Easter


Hallow Night Hallow Scene Haunted Mansion Headless Horseman
Jack One Half Organ Pumpkins Red Spider Witch 1 Witches Brew
3 Witches Bats

To see more backgrounds check the links up top!