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Lair of Friends Newsletter

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Like we've mentioned time and time again exciting things are coming! This month we've decided to start the 1np auctions! (well actually Kay decided to start them) Anyway, make sure you're a neofriend of the guild and start bidding!
Member of the Month!

This months member of the month award goes to Rok! Congrats and go set up a junk trade your prize is on it's way!
How to make money off of Dice a roo! ~ rayebs

How to make money off of Dice-a-roo Ello there folks, it is time once again for the first and only installment of "How Raye B's Makes NP at DICE-A-ROO" welcome and I'm your host, rayebs! First rule, play the game. Second rule, don't plan to make money off of the game, third rule have a shop. Fourth rule, have a second window open. The way I normally play is by starting out with 700 or so np to start out with. By the end of the game, when your pet is bored, you'll have about 140 np or so, unless you win jackpot. So, I have 700 np, time to play the game Of course ya gotta go to the place. Go to the dice-a-roo page. There ya go, Good neopian! Now, you first click on the button to start game, and then you are brought to a second screen. Go ahead and click that play button. You have just started your first game of DICE-A-ROO! Sit down and take a breather: D Now, the way to play fast, which is how I play. I hit the f5 button on my keyboard and this acts like a refresh for me. Then, it comes up asking if I want to resend data, and I click on the enter key on my keyboard to confirm. The page refreshes and it acts as though I clicked on the 'roll again' button. NOW… Repeat! Tap the F5 and then tap the Enter and do that over and over and over again until your pet is tired. Exceptions: 1: Normally the first time you start playing, once your first game is over, you will go to that second start up screen. Go ahead and click on the button again with the mouse… then after that, you should not see that screen again if you just continue the F5/enter combo. You will go from one "game over oh so sad" to the next "you just got a blankity blank blank" screen. Should you for some reason use your mouse and click the 'roll again' button, the next time you have an end of game, it will take you the second start up screen again. 2: Personally, I do not care about the red and the blue dice *don't tell them that!* I love the green, yellow and silver dice. They are the reasons I play the game. THEY give you GIFTS! *shivers* When I play, I hit the F5/enter many many time and then stop to see what color of die I'm on. If I'm on green or above, I hit the F5/enter once and then I can keep track of what I win. The second reason I do this is because should I randomly make it up to silver, and I wasn't paying attention, that blasted pants devil that lives on the silver die will come and take away all your hard work. Yuck. SOOO, to avoid that problem, I watch to see what die I'm on. 3: I play the game because I will spend somewhere under 700 and get about 1000+ np worth of items to sell in your shop. You can also get lotto tickets, which are worth 100. AND IF YOU RANDOMLY WIN THE LOTTO? AWSOME *I haven't won lotto yet…* But the point of the game, for me, to get the most np is to win items to sell off when I've collected a whole shop full. You can get neggs at best and flaming crisps at worse and similar. 4: When the yellow die tells me I'm allowed up to silver, I pop over into another window of np, and quick stock everything I have away… that way should the pants devil come, he has nothing to take away. Should I get something whilst in silver, I go and put it away before I continue in silver. I would really suggest a second window for the game when you do this… I haven't left the game in the same window to move an item and come back. Another reason to watch when in the upper die's, is I do not know what would happen should you hit F5/enter when you have won jackpot… so if you are in sliver, it is useful to watch because you do not want to lose jackpot ya know? Okay, that is how Raye makes np on neopets. I normally do not take the points they offer, unless it is jackpot, because I like the items. Swoot.

Game Tips

Word Pyramid - A guide to get some np's and maybe (if you're lucky) a trophy. Any good at word pyramid? Me neither. Well, not as good as I'd like to be anyway. I've got the symantics of the game down pretty good but I get flustered or just plain bored with it and quit after the 3000 it takes to get my 1000 nps or just run out of time. I have however gotten a score of over 6000 so I thought I'd let you in on my "secret" since most people that I've talked to (four haha) haven't even gotten that far. The first thing I do is make sure my board has at least one or two blank triangles or freebie triangles. The reason I do this is that throughout the game it says they are free vowels and they are to the extent that they don't raise the cost of the vowel up by another point BUT at the very beginning of the game they are well and truly free vowels. Since you don't have any points to buy them with they don't take any points and they don't raise the point value up. This gives me a leg up on the vowels. I have a few extra that yes I had to "buy" but they didn't cost anything anyway and with this game as you know you need all the vowels you can get. Now some would call this cheating. I don't I consider it fair game (no pun intended) cause I need all the help I can get and that's what the end game button is for. The next thing I do is wait. That's it. Just wait for the time to go down and the board to semi fill up. While I'm waiting I'm checking the board out looking for good words. I usually wait til the time is at least halfway gone and then I make a word. This makes your game last longer because you have more letters to choose from and with every word it gives you more time but at the beginning all you're doing is wasting the precious time the game gives you cause you can't fill it up anymore than the timer will let you. So I wait and then I make a word that's at least 5 or more letters long. The longer the word the more time it gives you along of course with the more points. Once I start making words I look for two types of words. Long words (I call long words one that have five or more letters) with as few vowels as possible since the vowels are so few and far between and I look for words that are np related. When you find a word that is np related a little bell type thing tinkles and lets you know that it is a special word. This kind of word I think actually doubles the points that you would get instead of just the regular amount of points. The reason I say think is that I really havent paid attention to if it's doubled or tripled or just one and a half times the points but they are definitely worth more than a regular word. There are a few of these extra point words that I have come across however that aren't np related in any way shape or form that I can think of and I'll get to those in a minute or three. When I have put enuff long words in there that my time is filled up again I wait til it's back down to halfway or more and then start making words again looking the whole time for the longest and best words to use. Another thing that I have found that works to my advantage is to start making words from the bottom up. The reason for this is of course the domino effect. You make a word at the bottom and the remaining letters fall down. Mostly this is a good thing til you get the bottom filled with the icky letters like x, z, etc. Y is a very good letter. It ofcourse can be added to the end of some letters making them longer like the word etchy. Words that es or ed can be added to are good also. Again, more letters more points. Now heres the big trick. The letters of the word do NOT I repeat do NOT have to be grouped together. If you are making a big word it can actually take up most of the pyramid side to side or top to bottom. They also do not need to spell the word in anyway that could be considered reading it, for instance left to right or backwards. Lets take the word neopets (it gives you a lot of points :)) You can start with the "N" then to the right of it is the "E" and to the right of that is the "O" but the p is back to the left above the n so you go back to the "P" then the next "E" is above the p but the "T" is back above the o and the "S" is back above the t (I hope that makes sense since I was unable to get a screenie of it). Anyway, the letters aren't in anyway grouped together and they don't read like they should but you have just made the word neopets and got the little tinkly sound.


(kinda like this but of course you would have triangles. the best i can tell you with this is use your imagination) Anyway, that's it I hope that helped you out some and maybe if youre better at it than I am you can get a trophy now. Good Luck! Oh, btw remember those words I was telling you about that I couldnt see as np words (some of them I can but who would think of them). Anyway, here's a list of some that I have come up with. If you find anymore let me know holder hunt baby slurpy minty all pet names and most petpet names for some reason spardel isnt even considered a word brb is not a tinkly sound word but it does work flotsam, jetsam, scorchio, neopets and neopia are good words to use for lots of points noil and negg are short words but worth good points but neggery isnt a word for some reason Tress

Daddy Blue~ marklyn72

Daddy Blue You were supposed to come home
from the hospital today
But instead God wanted you in his home
to stay I was only 14 when he took you
how was I to live without my Blue

After many days tears have fallen
of your departed soul
there is still a yearning from deep within
for something in this life to make us whole.

When weeks and years have gradually passed
so burdened by our restless grasps
an expectation seems to remain
for the sense of your presence to come again.

Wishing for the one day you walk though that door
with every breath of jasmine I take
I know I am not alone
Daddy I miss you, I see you when I dream
Telling me it is okay cry but one day
you will no more.

My only hope in the greatest sense can be as we carry out our days not alone
fully aware of our destiny
to reunite with you in Heaven’s home.

Be there for your baby girl when she
comes to be with you
hold her you in my arms again
and never let her go.

Dennis James Clarke (Blue) 1946-1988
A father that is deeply missed

Raspberry Slushie ~ kayisme755

4 1/2 cups Fresca or your favorite lemon lime flavored soda (May also use Canada Dry)

2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries

1 1/2 cups ice

1/4 cup sugar

Makes 4 3/4 cups

Add the Fresca and the ice to the blender. If your blender isn't very powerful, use the crushed ice from your fridge. Blend the two together until smooth. Add half of the raspberries to the blender, blending until smooth and then do the same with the other half. Add the sugar to the mixture and blend until it is evenly mixed in.

Know Your Guild Members

By: Kayla Manning

This newsletter’s member that you get to know more about is Rok! He’s always been the mysterious one that you don’t know much about but here are some random facts. Don’t forget that these facts might be used in a trivia competition.

Name: SnowWolf is the one I go by, cause I don't like my human name
Birthday: Feb 7, 1975
Current Location: Federal Way, WA
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Right or Left handed: Right
Your heritage: Heinz 57 of European descent with a smidgen of native
American thrown in Your fears: I don't know that I have any...
Your perfect pizza: Hawaiian, with the addition of sausage
Goal to achieve this year: get a job and get off unemployment
Overused phrase: : }
Pepsi of Coke: Root beer
Chocolate or Vanilla: Strawberry
Cappuccino or Coffee: Chai tea
College: Been to college, but didn't graduate
Do you like Thunderstorms: heck ya! Love them!!
Do you play an Instrument: alas, no.
What do you want to be when you grow up: I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid....
What country would you most like to visit: Japan, or maybe England
Favorite book: Jane Yolen's Pit Dragon trilogy
Favorite movie: Flight of the Navigator
Favorite TV show: Stargate
Favorite band or singer: split between Melissa Ethridge, Natalie
Favorite Song: ummm... dunna know
Favorite color: blue or black
What do you love most about Neopets: *shrugs* It's a good distraction
What do you hate most: the people that hoard expensive items and then demand millions for them.
What do you like most about the guild: the helpful and friendly members.
Do you dislike anything: not really
What is your favorite Neopet: Lupe, of course
Favorite petpet: dunna know
Do you have a gallery: Yeah, under the account amarok_lupe_gallery
Favorite world: Haunted woods
Favorite game: Hannah and the Ice Caves