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Hi all, i've been playing again. Here is a cute tutorial for you.

Start with a new image. The following are the specifications I used.

Next draw a line using the sizes and styles I have here.

After you have drawn your first line you will want to flood fill it with a pattern. I used the Finished Wood 2 pattern although any type of wood fill is fine for this project.

Once you have filled the line you'll want to use your selection tool to highlight it with the floating dashes.

Next, select the outer bevel tool and use the specs I have here to get the same look as mine.

After you have the bevel set to your liking, de-select your wooden bar (CTRL+D). Using the same draw setting as before you are going to want to draw 3 more lines as I have here.

With your selection tool hold down shift and select all three lines and flood fill with the color of your choice.

Once they are filled keep them selected and use the outer bevel tool with the same specifications as before.

Everything good so far? If at any time you have questions you can email me.

Now that you have the outer bevel settings of the 3 lines we need to draw a box below the 3 lines as I have below.

Again, use the selection tool to select the box and then flood fill with the same color you used on your 3 lines.

Once you have that filled you are going to draw another box inside the first one by changing the settings a little. Also we are leaving this inner box white, but you can color it if you like.

Once you have the inner box drawn use the selection tool again and draw a blinking outline around the area inside the small white box as I have done below.

Now, you are going to flood fill this area also, I used a slightly lighter color than that of the outer box.

After you have that filled open the INNER bevel tool this time and follow the specifications that I have.

Now you have your very own wall hanging!! Once you are done with this tutorial the wall hanging should look like this one.

Once you have this finished you can place anything inside that you would like. =)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.